generate more leads with minimal investment

Lot of us know SEO is a best way to generate leads with minimal investment but it takes time to appear on SERP.

In this post, we’re going to know how you can generate leads with minimal investment. But before we start it is essential to know who is your target audience, then before making any investment segment your audience demographic and geographically. Online ads can quickly generate more leads as compared to SEO.

5 proven strategies that can help you in lead generation

#Guest Posts

The two things you need to know before doing guest blogging is finding websites of your niche that accept guest posts and second thing the traffic on the website.

To find guest site you can use such string

“name of your niche” ” write for us”

“name of your niche” ” submit guest post”

 to find where your competitor has published a guest blog

“person name” +guest post

“‘ company name” +guest post

as all we know content is a king in marketing then write better and catchy titles. The title has more value itself rather than content to attract your reader. You should write something based on your personal experience about a product or services. 

Note: If you publish something on a site, make sure that you always answer the comments section. Dedicate yourself to answer questions.

#Story shout out with micro influencers

First let you know who is a micro influencer, Micro influencer are those who have 1000 to 1000000 followers/subscribers or audience and experts in their niche. They could be a traveler, food blogger, tech blogger, fashionista, fitness trainer and more. You can choose them according to your niche. 

They do paid promotion at a very minimal cost. You can talk to them to shout out for your product and services. I have personally experienced this and I get great responses.

#Social Media Advertising

Small and medium enterprises can invest in paid social media advertising that’s fairly inexpensive and generally goes further than google ads, which typically only reach a handful of people.

Most social media has their ads manager tool to do advertising. FB allows one click lead generation form, that allows clients to submit their information like name, contact number.

Instagram and Facebook has same tool to promote product and service. Twitter has its different tool for promotion. Here is my experience with social media. I got more than ten leads just for Rs 500.

#E-mail Marketing

Direct email marketing is an effective way to generate leads. You can begin a business newsletter. You can directly tell them about your product and service. By newsletter subscription they can get information right to their inbox , but you have to provide a right reason for signup.

Newsletter signup costs pesa on rupya if you build the right audience.

#Offer a free trial

If you’re promoting an application or a tool then you can offer them a free trial for a couple of weeks or you can provide an offer to them.

This is great for a few reasons: First, it’s hard for many decision-makers to purchase a product without using it and second, users can experience your product.