Looking For job Change

Changing a job can be a tedious job. Nevertheless, with a positive attitude, we should adopt the idea that change is good! Whatever the reason for changing the job, it can be anything from poor management to a terrible supervisor, never criticize your employer in an interview.

Be prepared for the most frequently asked HR interview questions and answers.

Qus.Tell me something about yourself?

Interviewers ask this question to know how confident you are when you talk about yourself. Here you need to describe yourself in brief. Tell her/him your name, from where you belong, qualification, your hobbies, past work experience and achievement. Don’t take your intro too long.

Qus.Tell me something about your work experience?

Here you should tell them about what you learned in the last company and what your job responsibilities and how you tackle them.

Qus.Why are you leaving your company or why you left the job ?

Friendly speaking, people leave their jobs for hike or looking for better employment, or for a company which is growing better and  it could be possible you hate your current job, but keep it to yourself.

Acceptable reasons for leaving your job:

You can tell them that you are looking for a better career opportunity and growth where you can use your skill set.

You want to change your industry

Your last Company was closed down

You have to relocate and there are many reasons to leave your job but never say you hate your last job.

Qus.What is your strong point ?

You can tell them your strong points which could be beneficial for your job role. Like I have good communication skills and it helps me work with my client and team executive.

Qus.What’s your weakness?

Never share your negative point with the interviewer. Instead of this you can tell them about those skills which they don’t need. If you are going for a digital marketing interview you can tell them i am not as much as good in excel.

Qus.Why should we hire you ?

Tell them how you can be beneficial to them. You can say I have a skilled set and knowledge of what you are looking for and I love to work with people.

Qus.Where do you see your self in 5 years?

Keep it simple and tell them i want to grow with your company, where i can learn new thing and make some improvement in my skill set.