Take your business on track during covide-19

The sad reality is that Coronavirus is spreading quickly in India and many other countries too and will continue to spread for a couple of months. Did you know that we were getting roughly 500 new cases a day but now the scenario has been changed?

No one really knows the exact number of how many people will be infected (or will pass away sadly), but it has caused the business to crash.

Before going in-depth let me clarify what you should not do as a marketer or entrepreneur.

I know businesses are going to suffer for a while but you have to keep calm and think about new opportunities and challenges you would face. In the upcoming month, the number of cases will drop and businesses will come on track.

Don’t exploit fear in your colleagues or office staff. This is not a marketer or entrepreneur spirit. I recommend you to don’t exploit coronavirus, and be with your colleagues, partner.

Don’t be greedy. It’s causing inflation. At this time some of the companies have less competition this means some companies will go bankrupt or bought by a big giant.

We found organic traffic has gone down in the recent two months. That does not mean you should start investing much amount in google adword. You should use your budget wisely. It’s not about a particular industry or a single country.

How you can get your business on track with Digital Marketing

Recent months taught us a lot. Now we all know how important it is to promote our business online or should I say that business only survives in the future who take his businesses online. Also, the government of India is promoting digital India. They are promoting online delivery whether they are in the food industry or other industries.

  1. It’s necessary for all to take businesses online either they are small or medium organizations. First thing you need to do, before taking your business over the web choose your business name which represents you.
  2. Now make a mobile responsive website and optimize according to google standard. If you are unable to do this you can hire a freelance web developer or an agency. The website design should be according to the user. You can go for a WordPress website that will cost you less.
  3. If you are in the education industry then you should start teaching online. There are so many platforms where you can teach them online such as the zoom App, Youtube, and Google meet or you can share data on google drive. And you very well know going back to the institute is expensive, you can share knowledge over your website.
  4. There are so many ways to promote your business over the web and local listing is one of them. With this, you share information about your product or service with local clients. Most of the business suffers, traffic goes down but here is a solution to you can use social media platforms to target your audience and generate leads.
  5. As all, we know there is less competition now that’s why we are seeing paid promotion become cheaper and people are watching youtube, Netflix, Amazon, you can promote your business on this platform too. If you are unable to do such a thing then you can hire a freelance digital marketer or an agency.


It’s sad to say that the number of coronavirus victims is growing but there is hope that soon the number would decrease and people’s lives and businesses will get on track.

But as a digital marketing perspective, we can make changes.