clear your SEO interview ?

If you want to kickstart your career as a Search engine optimizer, then take a look at the given below question and Ans.

Qus. What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation of Search engine optimization. SEO is the process of increasing the web presence of websites on right search queries. 

SEO break down into two part

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

You have already learned about SEO onpage. Make on site changes like Meta optimization, content optimization, and any other additional changes according to google standard to improve user experience called On page SEO.

Off page SEO related to backlink creation. Off page we create authoritative backlinks to improve authority of website and traffic.

Qus. What are the main Ranking Factors ?

There are three main ranking factor

  • Backlink
  • Content
  • Rankbrain

Rankbrain is a google artificial intelligence program which uses machine learning to understand the user behaviour and gives appropriate results in SERP.

Qus. Latest Google algorithm update ?

Before going to any interview you should read about the latest google algorithm and major algorithm update like panda, penguin, pigeon, and more. Your interview could not be complete without google algorithm.

Qus. What is competitor analysis ?

A competitive analysis is a strategy where we identify the key competitors and conduct research on their products, sales and marketing strategies. By doing this, we can create a solid business strategy that improves our position on SERP. A competitive analysis helps us to know how and how your competition works.

Qus. Different between crawling and indexing.

Crawling is a process used by search engine bots to search for available web pages on the web. If someone creates a new page on a website and links it to the existing page and updates the site map file, it will be a prompt to search engine bots that they should come to the web page to find new content .

Whereas indexing means when search engine bots crawl web pages and save a copy of all the information on the index server and search engines show relevant results on the search engine when a user performs a search query.

Qus. What is DO follow and No follow link ?

DO follow links are those links who pass link juice, means they have impact on website rank but no follow link does not pass link juice. No follow link does not impact our website ranking but they provide us valuable traffic.

Qus. What is canonical issue ?

Some time google consider same page from different domain like…

All URLs land to you on the same page but in google eyes all are different URLs.

To resolve this issue we use canonical tag to give preference for single url

<link rel= “canonical”  href=”>

Qus. Why do we Use robots.txt file ?

Robots.txt file works as an identifier. It identifies the boat and also tells them which page or directory they can’t crawl.

Qus. How to write meta for sites who have more than a thousand pages?

Websites like E commerce and real estate have more than a thousand pages, you can not update meta manually on these sites. For this we create a formula to generate meta tags automatically.

Qus. What is metric and dimension in Google Analytics ?

Metrics refer to quantitative measurement like click, user, bounce rate etc. And dimension is an attribute of a visitor to your website – where they came from, their location, how many pages they viewed, etc.

Qus. Type of goal in Google analytics.

There are four type of goal in google analytics

  • Destination
  • Duration
  • Pageview
  • Event

Qus. What is Zero Search ?

Zero-Click Searches refer to a search engine results page (SERP) which answers the query right at the top such that you don’t need to click more to complete the search. A zero-click search is one that satisfies the search intent at the top of the SERP

For example -Amitabh bachhan Age (Information does not change as per the author)

Qus. List of some tools you have worked on ?

Be prepare for this question. Make a list of tools on which you have work

For example,

  • Google Analytics 
  • GTM
  • Google Search Console
  • Semrush
  • Moz
  • Google Data studio

Qus. How do you manage a website with huge amount of traffic ?

If a site already has a huge amount of traffic then we try to understand the user behavior. We create some goals and create funnels to understand user behavior and also we can check behavioral reports in GA.

you can prepare your self for huge traffic by monitoring site traffic, predict rises in traffic, Use Content delivery network and focused on user experience.

Best of luck